How to Order Plasmalogen Supplements

Step 1

Decide which type/s of plasmalogens you wish to buy. There are three different supplement types, read about them below.
If you haven't already read about the science behind Prodromes and Plasmalogen Supplementation learn more here

Step 2

Go to the Prodrome Sciences USA patient registration page by clicking HERE and register for a user account using the access code ACHAPPEL25
This will automatically apply a 25% discount at checkout ($USD).
When logged into your account, go to the 'Store' page on the Prodrome website and place your order. 

Please Note: Prodrome Sciences is a USA company, entirely separate to OptiLabs. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a discount code to use, but are not responsible for your order. Please ensure you do not order above GST import duty thresholds to avoid unexpected delays and additional fees. Any questions about an order you make from Prodrome Sciences should be directed to

The Three Types of Plasmalogen Supplements:

Prodrome Neuro

ProdromeNeuro (oil and capsules) specifically provides the building blocks for neuronal fatty acid plasmalogens to restore, maintain, and optimize neuron membranes, and to create a biochemical reserve of critical membrane building material for neuron membrane repair when needed.


Prodrome GTA

As persons get older, they become more likely to be deficient in GTAs (gastrointestinal tract acids). Low levels are linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer. Currently there is no well-established way to elevate GTA levels in deficient persons. The best naturally occurring plant extract that possesses similar biochemical properties as GTAs is a curcuminoid called BDMC. However, naturally occurring BDMC levels are only a very small percentage of normal curcuminoid supplements.

ProdromeGTA (capsules) contains a patented BDMC formulation that delivers the highest concentration of BDMC available which is 10-100x the amount found in typical curcuminoid supplements, and mimics activity that compensates for a gastrointestinal tract acid (GTA) deficiency.


Prodrome Glia

Glia are the cells in your brain and spinal cord that surround, support, protect, and insulate neurons, commonly referred to as white matter. Inflammation-mediated diseases like autism and multiple sclerosis as well as cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease attack and degrade white matter.

ProdromeGlia (oil and capsules) is a biochemical plasmalogen supplement specifically designed to provide the omega-9 plasmalogen building blocks that white matter glia cells need to restore, maintain, and optimize glia membranes, and to create a biochemical reserve of critical membrane building material for glia membrane repair when needed.