PlasmalogenPlus Blood Test
PlasmalogenPlus Blood Test
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PlasmalogenPlus Blood Test

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Plasmalogen Blood Test
Single Patient Blood Draw and Testing
$25 discount when you order two tests under 'Number of Tests'

The PlasmalogenPLUS blood test measures plasmalogen molecules in addition to key ethanolamine phospholipids. It is a simplified version of the comprehensive ProdromeScan test, and is therefore offered at a lower cost. For example it checks the relative abundance of 1 vs 4.  Higher levels of 1 indicate better than normal plasmalogen biosynthesis capacity and lower levels of 1 indicate lower than normal plasmalogen biosynthesis capacity.

Below is an example of the report you would receive with your results.

In the USA the test costs US$250 plus US$149 for blood draw and shipping.
We are pleased to be offering the test in New Zealand for NZ$579 inclusive of the blood draw, processing in New Zealan, shipping both within Australia and then to the USA, and the patented lab test analysis in the USA.

Once your order is processed you will be emailed a special form to take to your closest blood collection centre (you must go to one of the labs on this list):

  • Labtests
  • Northland Pathology
  • Southern Community Laboratories
  • Cantebury SCL
  • Wellington SCL
  • MEDLAB South
  • Taranaki Pathology Services

Each of the above labs accepts the same form. They will then collect your blood, process your sample, and send it to our offices in New Zealand where we ship it to a specialist testing lab in the USA. Once testing is complete your results and detailed report will be emailed to you. The blood test results report will be ready 10 to 14 days after the sample arrives in the USA laboratory.

Try to have the blood drawn on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for best results and faster shipping times. You do not need to be fasting. There's no need to stop any supplements prior unless you wish to measure baseline levels without those supplements. In this case, stop taking supplements for 1 month prior to the blood draw. Theoretically taking fish oil the day before could impact one component of the test so don't take any fish oil supplements the day before.

After your order is placed, please allow 1-2 business days for your test to be arranged with the Pathology lab and to receive a downloadable form via email that will authorise your blood collection. If you have not received your form within this time frame, please email us.

By ordering you acknowledge the PlasmalogenPlus blood test is intended for research, educational, and informational use only.